- Vicem Ha Tien salinity-alum cement (VHMP) is a special cement which is produced by grinding a compound of Porland clinker, gypsum and special cement additive. This type of cement has ability to resist the sulfate attack.
- Vicem Ha Tien salinity-alum cement (VHMP) is used for constructions in alum water as: Water canals, concrete dams, house on land alum, constructions which is regularly in contact with saltwater durability requirements of high sulfate and chloride.


- Prevent salinity water / alum water
- High strength
- Ability waterproofing
- Steel is protected
- Effective durability
- Minimising the risk of corrosion of reinforced steel
- Ensures high level of concrete performance and structural integrity in highly aggressive sulfate and acidic environments
- Increases workability and pumpability
- Increases early strength for concrete
- Lower cost in compare with PCsr40


- Residential houses in salinity zone
- Wharfs and marinas
- Sea walls, dams and reservoirs
- Water and sewage pipelines and treatment plants
- Off-shore platforms
- Bridges and any other submerged structures in tidal and splash zones
- Water canals, concrete dams.