VICEM HA TIEN Portland Blended cement PCB50 are made by inter grinding Portland cement with another material. Puzzolan, fly ash, blast furnace slag, and condensed silicafume are all common components of blended cement.


- High fineness, high early strength
- Saving material cost
- Saving time
- Reduce the risk of concrete cracking due to heat of hydration
- Making mortar with high quality


- VICEM HA TIEN Portland Blended cements PCB50 is used widely for all constructions from residential house to high-rise building or industrial projects…PCB50 is suitable to all technical requirements when making concrete and mortar with high quality.
- Advantage of Vicem Ha Tien PCB50 is the high early strength which can help to shorten the time from placing concrete to removing the form-work, saving the construction time and cost.
- For projects with special requirements of concrete to resist the erosion form water, chemical… PCB50 is the one of the best options.
- In addition to the development of early strength, VICEM HA TIEN Portland Blended cement PCB50 also has high late strength to ensure the durable of construction.