Blended cements are made by inter grinding Portland cement with another material. Puzzolan, fly ash, blast furnace slag, and condensed silica fume are all common components of blended cements, and each of them results in a different type of blended cement with an unique set of properties. Pozzolanic materials such as volcanic ash were being added to cements in order to create long lasting strong concretes.


Low price
Reduce the risks of crack in concrete cause by heat of hydration
Produce masonry or plastering mortar with high quality


Vicem Ha Tien blended Portland cement is used widely for all constructions from residential house to high-rise building or industrial projects…where the requirements of concrete are normal grade, low head of hydration, low cost.
Vicem Ha Tien blended Portland cement is used to make concrete with the compressive strength up to 50MPa or masonry/plastering mortar.