Portland cement (PC) or ordinary portland cement (OPC) is the fine powder product of the grinding Portland clinker with gypsum.
Clinker Portland is produced by sintering the compound of limestone, clay, iron ore and sand at 14500C in the cement kiln. Clinkers are in form of small balls with the diameter from 5 to 25mm.
Gypsum helps to control the setting time of cement, the amount of gypsum in cement is limited at 3% to 5%.


High strength and high final strength
High stability
Easy to use and control the concrete quality especially in case of using concrete admixture in construction site.
Good waterproof


PC or OPC is a general-purpose cement suitable for all uses where special properties of cement are not required.
This type of cement can be used to make concrete for bridges, culverts, reservoirs, reinforced concrete buildings,...