Vicem Ha Tien general-purpose cement is portland blended cement which used for many purposes: make concrete for foundation, slab, column, beam OR make plastering and masonry mortar OR make adhesive for binding bonding ceramic wall and floor tiles, marble, granite and natural stones on concrete surfaces OR make floor covering.
Vicem Ha Tien general-purpose cement conforms to Vietnam standard TCCS 22:2012/XMHT  based Vietnam Standard TCVN 6260:2009 and American standard ASTM C1157.


-Make concrete: high strength, stable, high workability,easy to remove formwork
-Make plastering and masonry mortar: high plastic mortar, good water retention, easy to smooth wall surface → reduce crack and permeability, high strength mortar.
-Make tile adhesive: cement with extra fine particles increase the diffusion to brick and wall surface, good water retention → increase the adhesion between brick and wall, save cost because high adhesion lead to the less mortar falling from wall → increase the durable and aesthetic of wall.
-This type of cement can be used in salinity zone, increase the ability to resist chemical corrosion factors (Cl, CO2, SO4…).


- Used for residential house and industrial projects